Va Va Voom

Va Va Voom

In the words of westlife …. Everybody is looking for that something ….one thing that makes it all complete ….


Today I find myself singing and thinking just that

When you have lived or rather been engulfed by a career with lots of demands and deadlines, you almost forget how to function without them. Doing things just for you isdelightful but without a time line or date with deliverables to measure I find myself wondering if I have become …. a bit …..well…. lazy? Maybe not as productive with my time. Things that can be done in a day or week max is now taking me ….. sometimes … it feel like forever!

Have I become maybe a bit complacent have I lost my va va voom ?

But then I find myself wondering, do we really need these deadlines to define us and our output?

Have we lost va va voom or do we just need to re-evaluate what is va va voom

10th Oct …. before I started to indulge in all thinks pretty ….all things pink!




All things pretty … All things Pink

There are a few things that have children bring with them ….the idea of Sleeping till late …. or rather the hope of sleeping in …. maybe when they reach their teens….. ?!?!? ….. I suspect it’s a myth or something you get to dream about but not actually get much of .

But there are other things …you get to enjoy e.g. you now have an excuse for being late …blame it on the baby … no-one will ever question you .. if anything they may actually feel bad …. Unless of course you start using this one too often.

For me though the one thing I got to embrace was my inner child. I could now happily sit and make puzzles or get dirty “painting “ and still feel like I did something important and constructive with my day!

When I had my son – I slowly started to embrace my creative side – it started with me wanting to make him a quilt …sewn with love … was the motto….. while the love was there the quilt is yet to be completed …. I am creative just not into sewing it seems. And for the first time in my life I got to realize this.

And now with a little girl on the way …. Ooooooo I am indulging in all things pretty … all things pink ! And it feels like someone switched on a light. For the first time it feels like a have a license to be all girly and just enjoy it. Working in a professional male dominated environment and living in a male dominated home meant pink was kept to a minimum but now ….oh now I… the floodgates have open and it is raining pink ….

I am having so much fun … it might be illegal !

Written on the 19th Oct 2011 ,,,,but only posted now



Being an expat – especially an expat in a tourist and travel hub ……means your gonna be getting guests ….. some family……. some friends  and some dare i say it …….some freeloaders.

You see most family and friends make you wanna show them your city, spoil them and generally leave you with  a feeling … that you too had a holiday !

But some leave you with the feeling … I need a holiday !…. these are usually freeloaders … the oxford dictionary might not have a definition for these parasites but let me offer one ….or rather just an explanation

Freeloaders –  People – male/female that try to seriously load the free things they can get . e.g. free accommodation, transport, meals, guided tours (in their own language), local know how and free brunches, babysitting etc etc etc.

Some might also expect you to pay for their tours, thier gifts for people you haven’t seen in years, souvenirs for their long lost friends down their road. I guess they probably thinking  – when you can get something for free why not?

Especially when they can go back and tell their long lost friends, neighbors random whoever will listen about their recent swaray in the city paved with bling … while flashing some of their recently acquired DUBAI bling .

These are freeloaders – this word should be added to the “welcome to Dubai “ pack when you move here – so you are aware of these creatures and be sure to be free from them!

Fed-up and Going insane Housewife


Sales!!! To Buy or Not To Buy in Dubai?! That is the Question!

So, I am at my favourite mall (second day in a row). I start my day with a fabby breakfast and head towards the BIG SALE signs!!! 2 pairs of shoes yesterday, 2 pairs of shoes today and alot of other goodies too! I feel sublimely happy. Dinner is in the oven. Bub is asleep. Now for the next question: To shop tomorrow or not to shop tomorrow?!? lol! 🙂



Sarah ….

It all started with Daniel , yes like the Daniel who took a trip to the Lions Den. Daniel fasted because he wanted a closer walk with the BIG guy for us it was bit of the same but I think more a yearning for direction. We knew we where on the brink of something, lots of opputunities coming our way after a rather intense season and I guess we just wanted general direction or an affirmation that the greatest power that is was doing the steering.

So we decided for the second time in 2008 to follow Daniels lead and do the Daniels fast.

Now Life at the time was generally good ….both the fiance and I where climbing the corporate ladder travelling all expenses paid, representing our companies on an international level even international media , and every now and then I also got to be the bella of the ball (oh how I loved dressing up for those gala dinners!).

Then one day, a rather nice day actually, a cool breeze through the house, children playing outside (not mine), my two dogs sitting next to me  when the phone rings …and like most housewives in Dubai … that’s probably when it all actually starts …..

My other half  was on a business trip and called to tell me he got offered a job, at first I thought well ok, since this seemed to be happening a lot these days but then he went on to say ….its in another country ….  abu dhabi!

“a little island near dubai “

“you could probably get a transfer”

“we will go for just 2 years”

“it’s the perfect spot to travel from …. We could save a bit …. A little adventure before we get married and settle down  …. “

A good offer to explore a new land at a time your praying for direction ….. there wasn’t too much to think about  here so

3 weeks later he was in the UAE, 3 months later I got a transfer, 6 months later we where expecting our first child, (after being told by 3 gynea’s over a period of 4 years that children may or may not be in the cards for us.

So while I gave up a lot …a friend even described it as career suicide I have gained so much … and the initial year in dubai felt like small scale torture …I will not lie!…. But  I have since made amazing friends who also swopped fancy careers for days that toss between scummy mummy to (we hope) yummy mummy …. I know without doubt coming to Dubai and wearing the title of “Dubai Housewife” was probably the best thing that has come my way …..



Lakes and Gardeners

So the weather is starting to become more tolerable hence I decided to take a walk around the lake behind my house….there you will find the latest prams , juicy couture tracks and a dog or two fertilizing the grass! Now as I was taking a stroll, kids beside me, one of Dubai’s many gardeners cycle past me. This particular gardener obviously didn’t spot my fashion accessories aka twin love handles and thunder thighs and made. u-turn on his bicycle staring at me like I was a rare steak …. At this point it freaked me out.  As he continued cycling ( and ogling) he went straight into a tree and all I saw next were stars flying!!! I thought to myself… Well that’ll teach you to keep your eyes to yourself …. Till tomorrow 🙂

Basinah goes East (Middle East that is!)

So how did I get to Dubai? My husband came home with news that he had a fabulous opportunity to transfer to Dubai with his company. I was climbing the corporate ladder and was definitely not thinking of any change at that stage. I wasn’t keen on a new job, new position, new country, new anything!!! Who would have thought that Ms Ambitious would now be a Lady of Leisure…

After months of discussion, I finally agreed to move. For my husband, it was to give his family a better life. For me, it was to fulfil my husband’s dream of working abroad. So here I am: Farewell powersuits, killer heels, designer bags…Hello tracksuits, trainers, diaper bags. lol! Well actually, not all the time 😉

I now love Dubai and sometimes wonder why I didn’t get here sooner!